Thursday, June 30, 2005 

The Final Countdown!

Just came back from the rental office and broke my lease. I'm free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm kidding. It wasn't a bad place to live, quiet and cheap. I am going to miss certain part os Baltimore/MD. I'll miss the cheap rents, the Inner Harbor/Fells Point, the nice parks, the crabs, Ocean City, my friends at work, the Mall at Columbia, Arundel Mills, 295 on a good day, the closeness to DC and my friends in VA.

I won't miss the horrible drivers, the Beltway, the effed up relationships I left behind, the crime, Maryland politics, how much I have to drive to get to work and working inthe ghetto.

I look forward to a clean slate, a new apartment, taking the train to work, being closer to NYC, being with people from the North East, and of course being closer to Mr. K. :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 

Butterflies in my stomach.

I am getting ready to go up to Philly this weekend. This time I am going up to look at places to live. I have an appointment with a realtor as well as looking at some places on my own. I have been obsessing over what places to look at for weeks. I can't seem to make up my mind. I am not too thrilled with the fact that I am going to have to choke up more that what I pay now to find a place. I make a decent amount of money and I never seem to have any. (I def have to cut back on shoes). The good news is that I am taking the opportunity to get rid of a bunch of crap that I don't need. I threw out 4 huge bags of trash the other day. I went thru some clothing and shoes. I still have to make my way thru the kitchen and living room. Luckily I still have some time to do that. If I don't post this weekend let me take this time to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July!

Monday, June 27, 2005 

During one of our conversations this weekend Mr. K and I traded jargon. Here are some of the ones that came up:

Pennsyltucky: Area between Philly and Pittsburgh. (Really I think that Pittsburgh should be included, but that is debatable).

470 air conditioning: Driving down the highway at 70 mph with all 4 windows open.

*I learned Pennsyltucky from a woman that I work with who is from Pennsylvania.

Sunday, June 26, 2005 

True Love

Me: I think that when I move I am not going to splurge on a cable modem. I can use yours.

Mr K.: Sure.

Me: Maybe I won't even get cable I'll come over and watch tv at your place.

Mr. K: Not during my shows you're not! :)

Ah, don't ever come between a man and his cable.


Holy Crap I Can See The Floor!

I decided this week to go thru all of my personal papers and purge what I didn't need. By the time I was done there was this huge mound of papers on my office floor. I could barely walk out of the room. I borrowed my shredder from my ex and started tackling the pile. It took a few days to get thru but they are all gone and my floor is back. I got everything in order. The rest of my apartment is still a mess. Ugh.

Thursday, June 23, 2005 

Lists and more lists...

The more I think about having to move the more anxious I get. Luckily my job is moving me so that is one less thing that I need to worry about. Going up next weekend to start scouting out locations for places to live. Looking for someone to sub-let my place (though my job is going to break my lease for me, if I find someone to take over the lease it is one less stack of paperwork to deal with). Looking at my bills and starting to cancel stuff (or looking for dates to cancel stuff). I looked at my credit report (AARRGGHH). I know it will bite me in the ass later on, wished I was better at paying crap off when I was younger. But you gotta get bit in the ass to learn your lesson and boy did I ever! Good news is I am going to a branch picnic in a few minutes. Looking forward to getting out of the office (which my desk is now covered with maps and charts right now, I can barely see the keyboard). CIAO!

Special shout out to Ranger Tom for his insightful comments!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 

Apartment hunting sucks.

Now I remember why I hate moving. Today I did some online searching for apartments in Jersey. I have to go up there next weekend to find one to move into before I can start my job. I know little to nothing about Camden County except thatI DO NOT want to live in Camden. Other than that I am at a loss. I have been looking at some places in Lindenwold but from what I have found it ain't much better than Camden. I like Burlington County but I am not willing to pay that much for a place to leave. Call me cheap. Plus I want to be close to 295 so that I can take PATCO (or Speedline as the locals call it) into work. My goal is to find a reasonable one bedroom with AC and couple of windows for Leo in a relatively safe neighborhood near the Speedline. HELP!


Horoscope for today

Moving about and getting things done is where you will make your greatest gains. Make cold calls, go to interviews and talk to people who can offer you assistance, support and even partnerships. The more demanding you are, the more commanding you will be.

Sunday, June 19, 2005 

Happy Father's Day Mr. K!

Today is a day that I don't usually care for. I haven't seen my own father in over 20 years and even when he was in my life I rarely saw him. I do however send cards to all of my uncles who were my surrogate fathers. So this year because of my dating Mr. K I get see fatherhood close up. I have to say he is an amazing father. Being a single dad is difficult. Not to say that being a single mom is easy either. I was raised by a single mom on welfare so I know the meaning of difficult. Mr. K always puts his children ahead of everything and he has done a wonderful job with them. Today he is in NYC spending the day with them going to stores and doing things that the kids want to do. Is he a great guy or what?

So to all you fathers out there (who are responsible, loving fathers that is)have an awesome day!

And to Mr. K, I Love You!

Friday, June 17, 2005 

So True!

Here is my horoscope for today...

Your patience with some trying times early in the day keeps you in a properly good mood to enjoy the heck out of a fabulous evening. Stop at home and change into something that makes you feel dynamite.

This morning I woke up to some absolutely glorious weather. Not a drop of humidity and a wonderful breeze. Not your average Maryland spring/summer day. I was on a high looking forward to starting my day. Then I hit the road...

If you have children or other minors in the room I suggest you ask them to leave. What I have to say isn't for their eyes/ears.

On my way to work I saw some of the most horrendous driving I have ever seen in my life. If you have ever driven 295 in MD you know that it is a 2 lane highway with a speed limit of 55 that is always at a crawl. So I am driving along in the left lane with most of the other drivers when this asshole in a BMW decides to tailgate me. So of course being the New Yorker that I am I hit the brakes and give them the finger. He/She gets the message and backs off for a bit then decides to pass me. Fine with me. A little later on this same driver almost gets into a three car accident with some other morons who are also tailgating. I saw this in front of me and got ready to hit the brakes. Luckily all three avoided each other and did not cause a headache for the rest of us trying to get to work.

The day before I was coming home from UPS there was an accident a block away from my apt. An SUV plowed this Honda right into a telephone pole. It must have happened just minutes before I got there cause there were a ton of people around the cars and there wasn't a cop or ambulance in sight. So as I am trying to drive by the scene to get by this asshole in the pickup in front of me basically stopped right next to the accident to get a better look. It's not as if we couldn't see the damn thing from where we were. No, he had to stop the rest of traffic so that he could get a better look. Of course I blared my horn and he finally moved. Fucking douchebag. I felt for the people involved in the accident especially whoever was in the Honda.

So to all you Maryland drivers out there. FUCK YOU!

I can't wait to get out of here!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005 

My favorite new band Antigone Rising.

I caught their video on CMT the other day. They blend rock and country wonderfully. Check them out at Antigone Rising. They aren't bad on the eyes either!


Foamy Archive

For all of you Foamy fanatics.

There is a lot of hard to find stuff here. So bookmark the site!

Or I'll hit ya with a baby jesus, I swear. You'll feel my squirelly wrath.....

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 

Moving to dos....

I am sitting here at my desk thinking about what I have to pack for the time that I am going to be without an apartment. Mr. K is going to house my fish until I can get them permanently situated and my ex is going to watch Leo. So all I really need are clothes, toiletries, some books and my shoes. That is when I said "Holy Crap!". I can't possibly take all of my shoes with me, how am I going to choose which ones to pack and which ones to take with me? DILEMA! As most of my readers know I am quite the shoe fanatic. So now I have to limit the number I can take with me (Mr. K's place is only soooo big). Plus with all the moving around I am going to do (in and out of hotel rooms) I certainly don't want to be lugging too much. What's a girl to do? :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 

On my way!

Yesterday I got my official transfer to Philly. Now the madness begins. I have a ton of paperwork to do, notify my complex that I am breaking my lease, contact the movers and let everyone at work know that I am leaving. I still have the matter of the class that I am taking at U of MD. Luckily I will have three classes left after I move so I should be able to juggle that. Surprisingly I am enjoying the class. The time sucks (Wed 6:30-10) but the instructor is really good and the campus is nice.

FYI: My family (the extended version) met Mr. K this weekend and they loved him. My aunt even started the marriage talk. DOH! Mr. K didn't seem to mind though, he is such a good sport :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005 

Football Fever!

Raven's minicamp start June 13. Can't wait. Too bad Jamel won't be there :)


Tell it like it is Dean!

I am a supporter of Howard Dean. I think that he is a refreshing voice in the Democratic Party. And do the Dems needs a voice! I love him and his faux-pas (YEEAAHHH!!!). Recently he went on the Today show and he spoke about the Republican Party . He stated, and I quote, that the Republicans were "not very friendly to different kinds of people, they are a pretty monolithic party ... it's pretty much a white, Christian party." Sing it brother! There were times where I did agree with the Republicans on certain issues but recently they have turned into the Christian Coalition. Holy crap, talk about infringing on personal rights. Mind you I understand that Dean is trying to secure the non-white aka minority vote (a significant portion of the Dems voting base). But honestly with the stuff the Shrub and his cohorts are pulling, someone needs to call them on it.

Noemi aka Deaniac


Tuesday, June 07, 2005 

New Design

I am playing around with the skin on my blog so it will be under construction for a while. Please excuse :) I'll still be making updates. Ciao.

Friday, June 03, 2005 

Frida is dying!

Just came back from my mechanic this morning and he informed me that my car's (named Frida, more on that later) coolant system is going to start leaking soon. He said that he thinks it will start leaking sometime this winter and that it will cost me $1000 to fix it. He suggested that I trade the car in before that happens. I really can't do that now as I dont think that I will get more that $1500 for the car and I still have $3000 that I owe on it. DOH! Plus next year I really want to work on buying a home. I am going to have to start putting money away and just wait till the system goes. I am hoping that it doesnt happen for a while. With my impending move to Philly next month I know that I am going to be driving it a lot less so lets hope that puts a band-aid on the situation.

(I call my car Frida because she has a car bra and its looks like the artist Frida Kahlo's unibrow. Plus I love Frida Kahlo so it seemed fitting).

If anyone wants to make a donation to the "Save the Frida" fund send a paypal payment to Frida and I thank you in advance :)

Thursday, June 02, 2005 

Blast from the Past.

Listening to XM today I came across this old beauty.

This is for all you General Hospital fans.

Afternoon delights - General Hospi-tale

Rock it hard, rock it steady
Pick yourself up and get yourself ready
Wave your arms let me hear you yell
We're gonna rap about General Hospi-Tale

It started out in Port Charles town
Where Frank Smith's mob used to hang around
No one could prove that he was a crook
Till Luke stole his little black book

It had names and numbers all in code
So Luke and Laura had to hit the road
They had to find the left-handed boy
Watch their step, they had to be coy

The gold involved was worth so much
Others wanted it like Sally and Hutch
But there's one thing I must confess
Sally was a man who wore a dress

Luke kept his cool, he ain't no fool
He set them both up cold
Well Sally died, Hutch survived
And no one got the gold

"Paging Dr. Noah Drake to ICU to treat a case of heartbreak"

They keep me waiting
I don't mind waiting
Don't call me crazy
No I'm not lazy
My day won't go right
I can't sleep all night
My hands start shaking
My knees start aching
I just can't cope without my soap

General Hospi-Tale
General Hospi-Tale
Umm, number one
General Hospi-Tale
You're my worst affliction
General Hospi-Tale
You're my favorite addiction

Monica likes to have her fun
That is why she had a son
She told Rick he was the dad
Soon found out that he'd been had

"There's one thing that you can give me that Leslie can't and that's passion"

Alan was the father, of course
And he won't give Monica a divorce
Rick wants to get Leslie back
Heather's havin' an insane attack

"I'll get Diana Taylor"

She's not crazy, uh-uh, no never
She just wants to get Dr. Jeff Webber
Jeff wants Annie for his wife
But he might have to wait all of his life
Cause good girls don't, and Annie won't
And you all know what I mean

Amy Vining likes to blab
Richard Simmons helps fight flab
Susan's having Alan's baby
Noah wants Bobbi for his lady

Well Luke got another job
The Quartermaines are the brand new mob
Laura's the receptionist
What's missing now is the Ice Princess

"Yes, Luke Spencer, please"

Diamonds, not gold, are in it this time
Scorpio, the house of Cassadine
On and on and on it goes
How it ends up nobody knows, cause

They keep me waiting
I don't mind waiting
Don't call me crazy
No I'm not lazy
My day won't go right
I can't sleep all night
If I don't find out
It blows my mind out
I just can't cope without my soap

General Hospi-Tale
General Hospi-Tale
Umm, number one
General Hospi-Tale
You're my worst affliction
General Hospi-Tale
You're my favorite addiction

General Hospi-Tale
Addiction, addiction
General Hospi-Tale
Addiction, addiction
General Hospi-Tale
You're my inspiration
General Hospi-Tale
Gonna stay tuned to this station
General Hospi-Tale
Addiction, addiction
General Hospi-Tale
Tell me what's goin' on
Did you see it today?
General Hospi-Tale
Tell me what's goin' on!
General Hospi-Tale
Addiction, addiction
I love my General Hospi-Tale


Cheesy 90 songs!

A friend from work has let me use her XM radio account so that I can listen to it over the internet while I am at work. Today I heard "I Want You" from Savage Garden. Quite the chessy song but it is so darn catchy. :)

This is for you Amorcito :)

Anytime I need to see your face
I just close my eyes
And I am taken to a place where
Your crystal mind and
Magenta feelings take up shelter
In the base of my spine
Sweet like a chic a cherry cola

I don’t need to try and explain
I just hold on tight
And if it happens again I might move
So slightly
To the arms and the lips and the face
Of the human cannonball
That I need to I want to

Come stand a little bit closer
Breath in and get a bit higher
You’ll never know what hit you
When I get to you


Ooh I want you
I don’t know if I need you
But ooh I’d die to find out
Ooh I want you
I don’t know if I need you
But ooh I’d die to find out

I’m the kind of person who endorses
A deep commitment
Getting comfy getting perfect
Is what I live for
But a look then a smell of perfume
It’s like I’m down on the floor
And I don’t know what I’m in for

Conversation has a time and place
In the interaction of a lover and
A mate
But the time of talking
Using symbols using words
Can be likened to a deep sea diver
Who is swimming with a raincoat

Come stand a little bit closer
Breathe in and get a bit higher
You’ll never know what hit you
When I get to you


Anytime I need to see your face
I just close my eyes
And I am taken to a place where
Your crystal mind and
Magenta feelings take up shelter
In the base of my spine
Sweet like a chic a cherry cola

I don’t need to try and explain
I just hold on tight
And if it happens again I might move
So slightly
To the arms and the lips and the face
Of the human cannonball
That I need to I want to


So can we find out

Wednesday, June 01, 2005 

Dear Reader from Old Bridge, NJ

You and I both know who you are. Obviously you are still interested in my life when I have no idea why. I know that you are reading my blog on a somewhat consistent basis because my counter tells me when you log on, what your ip address is, where you are located and what internet service provider you use. Don't you think its about time you get a life and stop worrying about mine? I have moved on and I am very happy. Get on with your life.

About me

  • I'm DivineMsN
  • From Land of the Jersey Hair, New Joisey, United States
  • NYC girl who has away for awhile but somehow managed to make it back across the Mason-Dixon Line. Now living in NJ at least for the foreseeable future.
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