Friday, March 31, 2006 

I need one of these with my name on it...

Thursday, March 30, 2006 

Why I love Tim Gunn!

Today there was a question and answer session at with PRs Tim Gunn. He was charming as usual and gave out fashion advice to those who posed questions. Here is my favorite one:

Washington, D.C.:

Hi Tim! I join the ranks of women who gush about how fabulous you are. We speak the truth! My question for you is: I bought a pair of bronze gladiator style sandals for the spring, but am unsure what would be a good match for a complete ensemble since I feel like I am in roman high-tops. Thanks so much.

Tim Gunn: Let's be blunt about this: gladiator sandals are just that. And I'm confident that you bought them for that very reason. Think 50's and embrace that style -- a pair of black cropped pants, for example, with a crisp white top. Or try a circle skirt. Don't force the sandals to compete with the rest of your ensemble. Embrace your inner gladiator, just don't carry a trident!

I absolutely have a pair of gold gladiator sandals that I am dying to start wearing. I will not commit a fashion faux pas thanks to Mr. Gunn!


Recipe Review: Onion Jam Pizza

This weekend I went to Wegman's (no surprise there) to look for a Boboli pizza crust. I got a recipe for Roasted Onion and Garlic Pizza using a jam from Stonewall Kitchen. In all the madness that is Weggies I couldn't find it but I did come across fresh pizza dough. I bought it (was under $2) and make three small pizzas out of it. I froze one of the crusts for later. In addition to the recipe linked above I added some cooked bacon when I pulled the pizzas out of the oven.

I'll give this recipe 4 out of 5 ovens.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 

I "heart"Wegmans.

Since its opening two weeks ago I have been there 4 times. We took Mr. K's mom and aunt last nite and they went back again. It's def a hit in South Jersey. My only complaint was that I could not find Boboli pizza crusts. I had to buy fresh pizza dough instead. (Oh poor me)!

Wegmans on Wilkipedia.



Yesterday I went to the dentist and was told, well it was suggested, that I purchase an electric toothbrush. They were pushing a Sonicare brush that goes for a min of $100. I looked online and the depeding on the model I can get one for between $100 and $155! Yikes! I opted for a cheapy $5 model from CVS until I decide whether or not to purchase a Sonicare. So fellow readers what should I do?

Monday, March 27, 2006 

2006 NFL Schedule is out!

2006 NFL Schedule!

Be still my beating heart!

/go Ravens!
//go Eagles!
///I know my loyalties are mix-ed up.


Ipod update

One of the things that I did not like about the ipod is that it comes with no supporting documentation. This weekend I picked up The Ipod Book by Scott Kelby. It was very helpful and was full of color photos. I picked it up at B&N for $19.99 but you can get it on Amazon for under $13.


Sopranos vs The Village

Thank God that this week's Sopranos was much better. Paulie Walnuts stole the show on Sunday. He was freaking hilarious.

I also watched "The Village". It was good until the last half hour of the movie. I rented it and was very excited to see Joaquin and sad to see he was only in half of the movie. Boo!

Friday, March 24, 2006 

Happy National Orange Day!

Happy National Orange Day! This day is a tradition to commemorate the founding of Syracuse University, March 24, 1870. This year is SU's 136th birthday!

Go Orange!

/class of 97

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 

My next car- Chevy Malibu.

This week I had a rental Chevy Malibu and I fell in love with the car. It handled great, was roomy and had a lot of horsepower (for me anyway). I mocked one up on the Chevy site and it'll cost me about 25k. More than my Neon but a much better car. Depending on what happens these next few months I may be looking a new car for my Bday!

Malibu rating by CarTalk guys.

/so much for never buying American again :(


Welcome Little Buddy!

I broke down and bought a Ipod nano from I got a discount on it so I said "What the hell". I had to replace the crappy one I got from last year. What sealed the deal was that they Fedex'd it for free and engraved it too! I am so addicted to it. I brought it with me when I was in MD for a few days. I went to Best But a got a device that allows you to play it over a FM station. It made the drive actually fun. I went to the Apple Store at Towson Town Center to see what kind of stuff you can get for it. I had to stop myself from buying everything!

/I love you little Ipod nano.

Friday, March 17, 2006 

Now you know.

Did you know that Food Network's own Ina Garten is an alumni of Syracuse University? I knew I liked her for a reason!

Ina Garten

Monday, March 13, 2006 

They're Back!

Warning Sopranos Spoilers Below! I am so excited that the Sopranos are back on! It's been way to long Tony! Mr. K and I settled down to watch the first episode of the new season and it did not disappoint. It looks like by the time that we catch up with the Sopranos clan it is one year after the death of Adrianna. Tony and Carm are still married, Meadow is engaged and AJ is in college. Janice and Bobby have a new baby and Tony refuses to put his uncle Junior in a nursing home. Though after last nite's "bang" he may be inclined to change his mind. The NY boss is still behind bars and the FBI still has their sites on Tony. He is still in control of the familia as he refuses to let of his his capos fly the coop to better weather. There were no scenes for the next episode so we'll have to wait to see what happens to our favorite Jersey clan.

Thursday, March 09, 2006 

It's almost here!

10 days will Wegman's opens in Mt. Laurel, NJ! The anticipation is killing me. I have my Wegman's card already in my wallet. Yes I am a dork :)

Can I say "road trip"?


Gotta Watch Show: Firefly

I rented this from Netflix on the suggestion made by a friend. I am so happy that I did. This show is awesome! It's a cross betweeb a sci-fi show and a western. The characters are funny, the lines are great and there is a lot of action. Plus the lead actor Nathan Fillion used to play Joey Buchanan on One Life To Live! I will prob wind up purchasing the DVD from Amazon. Even if you aren't a big sci-fi fan you are sure to love this one.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Worthy Food Blogs Part 1

I love reading blogs about cooking. My dream is to have my own kitchen supply store. Maybe when I retire. Anyway I'll be posting some food/cooking blogs that I think are worthy of reading. My first choice comes from Syracuse, NY. Cookin' in the 'Cuse is written by a woman who loves Syracuse and food as much as I do :) (I need to make a run to Dinosaur BBQ)!

I also have to boast about the slammin' shrimp enchiladas I made last night and ate again for lunch. I am still on my no eating meat kick so I am looking for new recipies that I can try out. If you know of any send them to:

BTW Cuse won their Big East game today by one point!


Bravo renews 'Runway' for third season

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

/Will Andrae make another appearance?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006 

Teeth, don't fail me now!

Just got back from the dentist. I had my teeth cleaned after 15 years of neglect and they hurt like a sonofabitch. And I get to go back in two weeks for more. Yes, that tooth plaque is a real bitch. Heed my warning; floss bitches! Don't wind up like me!!The dentist said I also needed a crown, all four of my wisdom teeth removed and braces. Crickey! I feel like a 16 year old. Can I also get my 16 year old body back????

Monday, March 06, 2006 

My Oscar Quips.

1) Someone tell Keira Knightly that if she still insists on being a blonde that she needs to dye her eyebrows.

2) Michelle Williams looked like a crazy clown with that red lipstick she had on. She also needs some sun.

3) I think Charlize Theron got swallowed up by her dress and she was trying to fight her way out.

4) George Clooney was way hot!

5) Joaquin Phoenix, love the rumpled hair look!

6) I cannot believe Crash won for best picture.

7) Congrats to Philip Seymore Hoffman, Capote was a great film.

8) Kudos to Reese Witherspoon though I wasn't crazy about her in Walk The Line.

9) Jon Stewart was ok, he did have some funny lines.

10) Rachael Weisz has some great pregnany cans!


Only a PG Rating?????

Guidance may be suggested. Some of your writings
may not be suitable for some people. Explicit
sex and talk of drug use is basically
absent; nudity, if present, is shown in a
non-sexual way or isnt full nudity, horror
and violence does not exceed moderate levels
in your writings.

Friday, March 03, 2006 

Cooking With Paula Deen

As much as I love Alton Brown, my other Food Network fave is Paula Deen. I don't know if it's her totally cute sons (seen here) or that fact that she adds butter, sourcream or cream cheese to everything but I can't seem to get enough of her. Yesterday I picked up a copy of her magazine Cooking With Paula Deen. I am actually going to add this to my mag subscription list.

/aren't they the cutest!

Thursday, March 02, 2006 

How come PETA hasn't seen this yet?

I am all about fashion and trends but this is ridiculous. Seeing purse pooches is annoying enough but this is effing crazy. Dogs ARE NOT accessories. I can just see all these Paris Hilton wannabes dragging their overpriced dogs all over town. You know what I predict? I see a rash of dog thefts starting to occur. I feel no sympathy towards these reckless dog owners. I only hope that these dogs are somehow rescued and kept away from them. I say we need legislation! Write your congressman/woman!

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