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Wednesday, June 08, 2005 

Tell it like it is Dean!

I am a supporter of Howard Dean. I think that he is a refreshing voice in the Democratic Party. And do the Dems needs a voice! I love him and his faux-pas (YEEAAHHH!!!). Recently he went on the Today show and he spoke about the Republican Party . He stated, and I quote, that the Republicans were "not very friendly to different kinds of people, they are a pretty monolithic party ... it's pretty much a white, Christian party." Sing it brother! There were times where I did agree with the Republicans on certain issues but recently they have turned into the Christian Coalition. Holy crap, talk about infringing on personal rights. Mind you I understand that Dean is trying to secure the non-white aka minority vote (a significant portion of the Dems voting base). But honestly with the stuff the Shrub and his cohorts are pulling, someone needs to call them on it.

Noemi aka Deaniac


As much as I love Howie and agree with him 100%, it's this kind of blatant pot-stirring that will never get him or anyone like him elected as president. Quiet yet effective subterfuge must be the approach used to overthrow the immoral majority.

Wow! That's about the only time a white guy can say "they all look alike to me" about any group and not get the crap beat out of him! But Liza has a point. He's not climbing any higher than he's already climbed.

I think Howie sees that he's about thirteen minutes into his fame so he might as well get as much as he can out of the final two. He's cemented himself as a rabblerouser, so he might as well rouse the rabble.

Incidentally, Eliza, the majority is not immoral, but those that call upon the moral majority typically are not. The majority, in general, is unimpressed by the shennanigans of the Deans, Bushes, Gores, Frankens, Limbaughs, Kennedeys, Frists, and other extremists on both sides that make it into the spotlight. The majority is more centric than either party, although the primary process assures that each party is spared the agony of having to give up their totalitarian ideals.

Since the majority is neither passionate nor unified - and because the candidates are chosen by the die-hards prior to the election - the members of the majority are left with the unpleasant task of weeding out the lesser of the two evils come election day.

Do you really think that George W. Bush and John Kerry-Heinz were really the two people in this country best suited for the presidency in 2004? It's no wonder so few people vote.

Just to clarify, Kev, when I use the phrase "immoral majority," I'm actually referring to the select FEW who control the MAJORITY of the money and power in this country, as well as their slimy associates (let's not forget about good ol' Dick Cheney) and their legions of lemming followers.

Speaking As an OLD white guy myself, my impression is that Dean is telling us all that the GOP is run by a particular group of Americans who do not represent the nation as a whole. I know it's not cool to point this out, but I think it's true.

Liza - You scoffing at the moral part was, of course, obvious. I did not catch that you were also scoffing at the "majority" part, especially in light of comments you've made before such as "stupid middle America." And if you want to see legions of lemming followers in action, you can also go to any college campus political rally.

Howard, you are right that the GOP is headed by a particular group who do not represent the nation as a whole. Both parties are. The "leadership" on both sides consists of a bunch of slimeballs. It's virtually impossible for a person with any degree of integrity to get into such a position. Frankly, most people of integrity wouldn't want those positions anyways, hampered as they are by that integrity.

Mr. K is my very own Howard Roark.

"...someone needs to call them on it."


You go girl! :)

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