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Monday, January 24, 2005 

Wanna be Physicist.

I am sitting here comtemplating whether or not to purchase tickets to see the Physicist Brian Green speak at the Smithsonian in March. Money is tight now but I know that if I wait to long it will be sold out. I consider myself a junior physicist in the sense that I love reading about physics, string theory in particular. I didn't always enjoy the subject. My senior year in HS I found out that I had to take another year or Honors science to get my Regents Diploma (those of you who live in NY know what I am talking about). I got screwed my sophomore year when I took Honors Chemistry. I had a jerk for a teacher who failed me in the honors section with a 55 but passed me in the non-honors section with an 90. I did the same amount of work in both. I didnt take a science my junior year so I had the choice between Earth Science and Physics. I have no idea why I didnt take the Earth Science class considering what I do for a living. So I had Physics bright an early my senior year. What a pain in the ass that was. I had a great teacher named Mr. Lipmann. He made physics fun and I really enjoyed myself. He had this cool lab on the 2nd floor that was hidden away and full of the coolest stuff you have ever seen. That year when my class took the Regents we came in 2nd in the borough of Manhattan right behind STUYVESANT one of the toughest schools to get into. Who would have thought that Fashion Industries, a technical school, would have come in 2nd? During my graduation I was awarded the Physics award. I was so proud of that tiny pin. Anyway, I think I will buy the ticket, it will appease the string theory nerd in me.

PS Doesnt Dr. Greene look a little like Agent Mulder from the X-Files?

I love physics! I was actually contemplating a physics major after the whole psych thing. We had a sample problem in my Drexel physics class where we figured out exactly how fast I would have to run (I was the sample in all of our problems because I conveniently weighed 100 kgs back then) off the edge of Disque Hall (I hope that's the right building ... it's the big one on the southeast corner of the Quad) in order to impale myself upon the "Shaft of Knowledge," a sculpture in the Quad below.

Remind me to show you the "Nova - The Elegant Universe" DVD I have. It does a grat job illustrating string theory. Much better than reading the book :)

Hmmm, I'm currently the guy who teaches Honors Chem. Same state, different school. Where I am, there is an enormous difference between the two courses, but they are taught with a different text, and with a different result in mind. Sorry you were so traumatized by it.

I've read a couple of Brian Greene's books, and he seems like a guy well worth listening to. Are the tickets really high?

I like Physics, too, but I like Chemistry better because it is so dark and murky. I had a very close friend once, an engineer, who told me that chemists always fudged everything and made stuff up to explain things. I told her that the best part of chemistry was that it gave you the ability to explain enormously complicated things that physicists wouldn't touch by fudging physical theories a little.

No the ticket prices arent that bad. I decided to get them next week. I am trying to decide if I should bring my NOVA DVD with me to get Dr. Greene to sign. I am such a groupie :)

You have definitely moved on from the rock concert days. Don't forget the NOVA tour T-shirts and posters. Maybe if you give the security guard a little sumpin-sumpin he'll let you go backstage after the show.

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