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Friday, January 21, 2005 

Snow vs MD

Looks like good old MD is in store for quite a whopping this weekend. We had minor snow fall Wed and once again MD proved how it can't handle the lightest of precip. I was attending a meeting near my home and as I was driving home I heard callers on the radio describing the accidents on the road. LISTEN UP MD DRIVERS!!!!! SLOW THE FUCK DOWN!!! Just cause you drive an SUV or other 4 wheel drive vehicle don't mean shit. MD drivers are asses to begin with but throw some snow on the ground and as they say in NY "fugetaboutit". Oh and I think there are exactly three snow plows for the entire state. And they never seem to make it to Baltimore. I know that MD is considered to be the south but come on! Its not like we are in the deep south!!! Get some more goddamed snow plows!! Where are my taxes going??? And get some more salt too while you are at it!!!

That is all.

Back to bed.

Snow 1 MD 0

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