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Sunday, January 23, 2005 

Therapy Issues

At my last session with Dr. Jane I brought up an issue that has been on my mind for a while now. Her answer was "You'll be fine." And she brushed the issue aside. This has really been bothering me. If a patient brought an issue to a session that she has a concern about would you, as a therapist, address the issue? Or sweep it aside? Especially when the issue is something that may lay in the patient's future? At this stage I dont want to look for another therapist. She's convenient and knows my past history. That is part of the reason why I cant sleep tonight. I took some sleeping pills earlier this evening as I was on the verge of another anxiety attack. I slept for 2 hours and now I am wide awake. This issue amongst others plays over and over in my mind and then I get all wired up and cant sleep. Crap. At least the Eagles won tonight.

PS: Screw you Pittsburgh :)

Here's to hoping I can fall back asleep in the next hour or so or I will be really fucked up in the morning.

Interesting that when they wanted a word to define someone who specializes in non-surgical treatment, they squished together the the words "the rapist." Perhaps you can get a second opinion from a themolester.

I'm a former (and momentary) psych major. Fascinating stuff, but it mainly boils down to a few mind tricks and getting the subject (they frowned on some of the other words I suggested, hence the "former" and "momentary" adjective listed above) to solve the problem themselves.

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