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Friday, July 08, 2005 

Here's Your Sign.

This post is dedicated to the moron who decided to just stop dead on the on-ramp to 195 N this morning outside of BWI.

I was dropping off Mr. K at the Amtrak Station at BWI this morning before heading to work. The weather was starting to get crappy so I was taking my time. There were 2 cars ahead of me driving on the on-ramp to 195. All of a sudden the first car just decided to stop. Meanwhile, there were a few other cars behind me. I am like "What the..."? The guy gave no indication that he was having car problems he just stopped. So after blaring my horn the guy decided to move on. When I passed him I noticed that he was on the phone. ON THE GODDAMN CELL PHONE!

How do you just stop on an on ramp to a major highway? Are you inconsiderate or just an ass? Having lived in MD for 4 years I would say the latter.

So to the the guy who almost cause a serious accident this morning I say to you "HERE'S YOUR SIGN"!.

If you are fan of Blue Collar Comedy Tour or Bill Engvall you're laughing your ass off right now.

It's too bad you didn't get his plate number. You could have had the Maryland State Troopers send him his sign.

Did you at least give him the "Philadelphia Turn Signal"?

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