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Friday, July 01, 2005 

Heed my warning!

Last night Mr. K and I went to Philly's Chinatown for some dinner. We ate at a place that looked ok. Actually the food was good and things were going fine until...a piece of rat poo landed on our table when the waiter brought out a couple of coke cans we had ordered. My K. just looked at me and he knew what I was about to say. I have this thing about drinking out of code cans, I won't do it without a straw. Actually I don't like to drink out of any glass without a straw unless I cleaned the glass myself. I heard a story a few years ago about soda cans that are kept in warehouses and basements where mice crawl over them and poop on them. That totally freaked me out and hence my straw fixation. So when the poop incident occured I said "See I told you so!". So please heed my warning! USE THE STRAW!

Thank you.

You forgot the best part! On the way into this restaurant we noticed the tanks full of future entrees (fish and shrimp, mainly), but didn't pay too much attention. On the way out, when we were checking out the tank of googly-eyed shrimp, we saw something completely unexpected - a tank full of FROGS! Big ones, too. There were enough to coat the bottom of the tank and pile up a bit in places. A guy opened the front door to the restaurant and ten of those suckers jumped away in unison.

Question #1: How did you know it was rat poo, as opposed to the poo of some other vermin?

Question #2: Did you get a free dinner?

I know the place you're talking about because of the frog tanks. Methinks I won't be eating there ever again.

You were worried about rat poo? You were eating at a resturant in Chinatown! You were probably eating the rat that left the little present!

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