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Wednesday, July 06, 2005 

50 Things About Me

50) I love Foamy the Squirrel
49) My favorite color is blue
48) I will be 30 this November
47) I once wanted to be a writer
46) I wish I could dance
45) I believe I am a gay man trapped in a woman's body
44) I have a crush on my boss (yes Mr. K knows about it!)
43) My mom died when I was 10 years old
42) I would love to live in Denver
41) I do not know how to ride a bike
40) My favorite book and movie is Gone With The Wind
39) I learned to drive when I was 25
38) I love shoes!
37) When I was in college I enrolled as an English major
36) I love shiny things
35) Leo is the first furry animal I have ever owned
34) I am a big believer in revenge
33) I have multiple email accounts
32) I wish I were a redhead
31) I want to take a spa vacation
30) My favorite car is a Mercedes
29) I want to be able to wear jeans everyday
28) I enjoy my job
27) I have a crush on Angelina Jolie
26) I hate my cube-mate
25) When I was younger I thought about being a nun
24) I am webmaster for swigis.org
23) I wish I were a better bowler
22) I lost my virginity at 18
21) The first time was very uneventful
20) I used to drink way too much
19) I have dated 4 guys whose first names started with J
18) I one day hope to go to Mexico
17) And Alaska!
16) My favorite number
15) I hate weddings
14) My favorite food is Puerto Rican food
13) My favorite terms are "douche bag, bling-bling and eh"
12) I am an only child
11) I once said that if I ever had a child her name would be Brooklyn
10) My favorite name is Audrey
9) My confirmation name is Gabriella
8) I do not have a middle name
7) I do plan on taking my mother's name as my middle name
6) I used to watch General Hospital religiously
5) I had a chihuahua named Queenie
4) I have a lot of cousins
3) People never believe that I am Puerto Rican
2) I love fireworks
1) Bono will one day be my baby's daddy

Numbers 45 & 27 cancel each other out...

Hey even gay men crush on Angelina!

BTW, I love Foamy too! Thanks for turning me on to him!

You're welcome. He's a funny fucker ain't he ? :)

His rants sound like me everyday!

Just how high-pitched is your voice, Tom?

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