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Friday, August 05, 2005 

The Problem with Popplers.

About a month ago Mr. K and I were watching a Futurama DVD. I have a new found appreciation for this show because of Mr. K. I used to watch it sporadically when it was on tv but never really got into it. The last episode we watched together was titled "The Problem with Popplers". The premise of this episode was that the Futurama crew landed on a planet that was populated with these tiny edible creatures that they named Popplers. The problem? There were the young of the Omnicrons. Furious (understandibly) they wanted retribution towards the people of Earth. I wont divulge any further I dont want to ruin it in case you want to go see it.

About a week later Mr. K and I were having dinner in Philly's Chinatown. I wrote a blog entry about our experience there. Since seeing the (what I term) "googly-eyed" shrimp in the restaurant's tank I have been unable to eat shrimp anymore. I used to love shrimp, now when I see one I recoil in terror. I don't know what my problem is. I have seen those PBS Nature specials where they show shrimp in their natural habitat. I never had a problem eating a shrimp cocktail afterwards. But the memory of those shrimp in that tank makes me ill.

I guess that makes:
Shrimp 1 Noemi 0

I still think shrimp are just googly-icious! Whether in prawn form or in cocktail, I'm happy to get my eat on.

The only thing that bothered me about that restaurant was the frog tank. I don't think I could go back there again without saying, in a real deep voice, "Bud!"

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