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Tuesday, January 04, 2005 

Shower Partner

I was sitting on my bed trying to distract myself with folding laundry when all of a sudden I had a crying bout. It came on all of a sudden. I felt my make-up smearing down my face so I jumped in the shower. If you ever have to have a crying fit do it in the shower. Not only will the water drown out the heaving, you clean up pretty well. I noticed the Leo had snuck in between my shower curtain and the liner and just sat there while I showered. Somehow, and I dont know how, that totally calmed me down. That cat has a 6th sense I swear. He shows up at just the right time. Once I felt better he jumped off and went on to do whatever he does when I am not around. I feel much better, my sinuses are cleared, I can now raise my arms over my head (they were sore from the gym yesterday) and I am squeaky clean. I am now going to retire for the evening and hope that when I wake tomorrow everything will be better. I hope so cause I cancelled my damn therapy appt with Dr. Jane. Prob a mistake but I didnt want to have to rehash the day's events with her at $125 a pop. OOFA.

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