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Wednesday, December 29, 2004 

RANT: Open toe shoes and the chick from the 6th floor.

This morning I was so looking forward to the breakfast that I had made myself when I realized that I left it in my apt. I must have put it down when I was picking up my gym bag. AARRGGHH! Anyway I go downstairs to the crappy little cafe that is in my building to get a bagel. I wasnt even there a minute when this chick who works up on the 6th floor comes rolling in. Wearing open toe shoes nonetheless! She kills me. I met her briefly once when we were in an orientation class last year around this time. She wore open toes shoes then too. As a matter of fact I think it was the same damn pair she had on today. Either that or she owns multiple pairs of open toe kitten heels. I so wanted to say "Girlfriend, I can appreciate that fact that you want to come into work looking all cute and shit, but you gotta lay off the open toe shoes, its fucking DECEMBER!". I know that this was a flagrant violation of some fashion code somewhere. Thanks open toe shoe girl for totally ruining my appetite.

I guess I won't be wearing my open-toed shoes this weekend. Thanks for the subtle hint!

Yes, please wait for warmer weather :P

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