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Wednesday, December 22, 2004 


This post may be a little graphic for most so don't say that I didn't warn you...

This morning I was in the bathroom (won't get too detailed here) doing my thing when Leo (my cat) decided that he too needed to come in and use the facilities as well. So he waltzes in and starts doing his thing. I look over and there he is with his back to me peeing more than a cat his size should. He finishes and does his scratching ritual. Mind you he doesn't ever cover up his doings more like he scratches the side of the box, the bathroom wall etc. Never to cover up what is inside the box. Anyway I am watching this fascinating ritual when I notice that Leo is balancing himself on the edge of the litter box scratching the edge. I couldn't believe it, he was like an acrobat. He then jumps off and goes on his merry way leaving my with my jaw open. What a wierdo.

The moral of this tale is I need a bigger place. That or Leo and I have to work out a schedule for bathroom breaks.

EWWWWW!!!!! That is precisely why my kitties have a privacy screen - so pervs like you don't peek in while they're indisposed. ;P

I'm no perve! I was there first. He's a little peeping Tom :)

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