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Monday, January 23, 2006 

Dead Squirrel and other happenings.

Last week we had some serious wind up here in the greater Philly area. I was getting ready for work and was about to head out the door when all of a sudden I heard this huge thud and my who apt building shook. I was like "what the eff was that?" and my poor cats were looking at me like "what the eff was that"? I walk out of my apt to my car and this huge tree was resting against the roof of the apt next to mine. I was freaked out because it could have very well been my apt that could have been hit. I called the emergency number for the apt complex and left for work. When I got home that night I saw that they had removed the tree and had chopped it down leaving the stump. You could see the roots sticking up and the tree left a five foot round whole in the ground where it once stood.

I was pretty lucky that the tree didn't cause any real damage. I was lucky that I wasn't the squirrel that I found near one of the entrances to by building. It's been dead for a while and has started decaying. I call the complex to come and pick it up along with all the damn branches that they felled tree left behind but as of this writing nothing has been done. There is no way that I am picking up the dead, decaying squirrel myself. I wonder how he died. I saw no obvious signs of trauma. I think I am gonna bug the complex again and ask them to move him. He's giving me the creeps.

LMAO...that totally reminds me of the time a squirrel got electrocuted at Jason's house in MD.

I was thinking of that little bugger too. I think I need to stay away from squirrels. And falling trees. I hope that wasn't Foamy!

I hope it wasn't Foamy!

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