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Friday, January 13, 2006 

Call me Cassandra

I have this unfortuante gift of being able to predict when bad things are going to happen. My first experience with this what when I was 10 and I predicted that my mother had died before anyone had told me. Since then I have always gone with "my gut feeling" whenever I come into a situation that may not be favorable. Lately I have predicted that my cousin wouldn't like the school she is attending. Mr. K called it the Cassandra complex. I had to ask him what he meant and he told me that Cassandra was given the gift of prediction by Apollo. When she refused his amorous advances he made sure no one would listen to her predictions. Mr. K is so smart.

I found this nice short version of the story online.

(kuh-SAN-druh) In classical mythology, a prophetess in Troy during the Trojan War whose predictions, although true, were never believed by those around her. Apollo had given her the gift of prophecy but made it worthless after she refused his amorous advances. The Greeks captured Cassandra after their victory and sacrilegiously removed her from the temple of Athena. As a result, Athena helped cause shipwrecks and enormous loss of life to the Greeks on their return home.
‡ A “Cassandra” is someone who constantly predicts bad news

Since I dont have a middle name I could always use Cassandra. :)

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