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Tuesday, October 04, 2005 

Mini Rant

Whoever told PATCO that is was a good idea to have farecards that get demagnitized easily should be sent straight to Hell. Sorry to be so blunt but these cards suck. I love NYC Metro cards, they can take a beating. These PATCO cards fail about 50 percent of the time. Then you have to call on the red phone near the handicapped turnstile and tell the operator where you are and where you are going. God forbid that this happens to you in the morning on your way to work cause then you have to call on your way to work and on the way home. I had two 10 trip tickets that died on me the same week. Oh and another thing, why do you have to insert your card to be able to go thru the turnstile. What a retarded concept!

That's actually a PATCO person who needs to go to Hell. The SEPTA people - who have no shortage of hellworthy deeds to their names - are not responsible for that particular problem.

And, in anticipation of your probable reaction to my previous comment, I'll pack up and head to Hell myself.

Kev's right... At least as far as I remember... The Transpass that SEPTA had you just showed to the guy in the booth. (They got rid of the tokens?)

No, Tom, tokens are still in effect. The Transpass had to be swiped last I checked. This wasn't a SEPTA issue, though. She takes the PATCO line out to Jersey - different company.

I edited my blog so that it now makes sense.

Do you mind not interrupting the conversation that Tom and I are having?

Oh, wait ... this is your blog. Sorry.


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