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Tuesday, March 08, 2005 

Do men switch teams for the same reason that women do?

A few weeks ago I was talking to a gay friend of mine and she mentioned that she knows many gay women who have "switched teams" because of their frustration with the male species. She stated that there are a lot of bitter lesbians out there who became that way because of men. Now my question is this the same for gay men? Have some men become gay because of women? I have never some across a case but who knows maybe there are some out there. I am not trying to be a smartass when I ask this, just looking for a reason. It seems to me that men (once they have struck out with a woman) just move on the the next one. Eventually they come across a woman (or women as the case may be) that they have worn down with their persual and the woman/women agree to date/marry them (once again as the case may be). Does anyone out there know of a guy who has struck out so often that he got fed up with women and switched teams?

I'm speaking from a straight perspective, but I can't imagine such a thing. We may get frustrated, but to live is to keep trying!

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