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Thursday, February 03, 2005 

Follow ups.

Here is an article about how the teleworking option is not being used fully by federal workers. Surprise, surprise! Hello goverment inefficiency.

Oh and my lights on my lovely Neon are stuck in the high beam position causing me to blind the car in front of me. Oh joy.

Dodge 2 Noemi 1

PS: I refused to watch the State of The Union last night, I caught up on my beauty sleep instead :)

Teleworking, or telecommuting, is one of those great ideas that sound good on paper and for a media story but never had a chance in hell of going mainstream. I remember when it was the major topic in the nineties, everyone was gonna work out of their house, job effeciency would skyrocket, car pollution and traffic jams would be a thing of the past! One of those great ideas, if it was really tried, would work.

The main reason it doesn't is because the person who makes the decision for workers to telecommute is a manager, usually a middle manager.

They're already scared to death of losing their job or looking like they don't know their job, a lot of times they don't, and are not going to let workers out of their sight, because managers need people to manage. If they let them work from home then, to the people still at the office, usually his boss, it looks like he doesn't have anything to do! Then he looks unnecessary. Then he is cut.

In order for it to work, the company needs a forward thinking guy at the top who mandates that telecommuting be implemented. Someone like Steve Jobs or the guy who runs Jet Blue. How many of those do you think there really are in this country, especially in Government?

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