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Monday, May 08, 2006 

One down eight more to go.

I got the scare of my life Sat morning. I let the cats out on my porch while I was doing some chores. I got a feeling (like my spidey senses were tingling) that something was wrong. I go out to the porch and see Dude staring out over the edge of the porch. This in itself wasn't unusual. I looked around and didnt see Leo. I call his name and look around the apt. Nothing. I decided to go back out on the porch and Dude is still looking at the ground. So I decided to look. What do I see but Leo standing next to a tree. I freak out run downstairs (3 flights) without any shoes on. I get close to him and call his name. He looks at me (I am trying not to freak him out and cause him to run). I walk behind him and scoop him up. He fell 3 stories to the ground! He only had a couple of scratches on his nose when I inspected him. Needless to say he wasn't too keen on getting close to the edge of the porch for the rest of the weekend. He was especially nice to everyone for the next few days too. I guess loosing a catlife will do that to ya.

Cats are a**holes. I have one like that who wants to give you a heart attack by figuring out ways to almost kill himself. By the 15th time, you get used to it. Maybe your cat and my cat can get together and go bowling.

LOL....Scarlett pulled a similar stunt soon after I brought her and Rhett home - she pushed out a window screen and fell two stories while I was asleep. Fortunately, she was rescued by one of my neighbors, and she didn't have a single scratch on her.

I still think your cousin was right ... Dude pushed Leo over the edge.

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