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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

Philly Rant: Security Guard In My Building

I was gonna start today by posting a Philly Rave but then I had a slight run-in with the security guard in my office building. Here is some background on where I work. Most of the building houses clinics for one of the big hospitals in the area. The floor that I work on houses a few Fed agencies. Since I started working in Philly no one has asked me for any kind of id as I come into the building. But this month this one particular security guard has asked me twice for an id. I let the first one brush off but today he asked me for id and he let a man into the elevator bank and didnt say anything to him! I was effing furious. He makes me dig into my bag and doesnt ask this other guy? I ranted in the elevator and this dude had the nerve to say, "Maybe he just wanted to see your pretty face". Douchebag, he's lucky I didnt slug him.

This pretty little face better get back to work or there won't be anymore secuirty guards to harass her.

LOL! That little power-tripper had better watch out! ;)

You'll have to ask me about the "scissors" incident. I too am in a federal building and "Home Land Security" is performed by a bunch of friggin' idiots.

Ah, the old NYC~Philly friction...

The guy sounds like Barney to me. He's just got to 'nop it in the bud!'

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