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Monday, November 14, 2005 

You say its your BDAY!

Tomorrow is my big 3-0! I want to send a special shout-out to all of Mr. K and my friends who came out Sat night to wish us a Happy Birthday. Thanks for braving the Korean BBQ! We had a blast bowling afterwards.

And a special thanks to Mr. K and the Kevinitos for my beautiful necklace and matching earrings :)

Happy Birthday!!!

I actually stayed up until midnight to make sure to be the first to wish you a verrrry happy b-day on your blog! LOL

I hope you have a terrific year!

P.S. Happy belated wishes to Mr. K too!

D'oh! Muse beat me!

Happy birthday, Ms N. At least I can be the first to say I love you ...

I love you.

Happy B-Day MsN!

Many more!

Go beatch, it's yo berfday....
We gonna party like it's yo berfday...
We gonna watch some Jarhead like it's yo berfday...
And we don't give a eff cuz it's yo berfday!!!

Love, Mrs.CWV (and the Mr. sez wasssup!)

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