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Saturday, November 06, 2004 

SPF is your friend!

This morning before I went to the gym CNN has a show on anti-aging. It is amazing the things that people do to stop the clock. The doctor that was on the show said that the most important thing that you can do is to keep out of the sun. I totally agree with that. I have never been one to go out and tan (luckily if I go out into the sun once I am set for the entire year. I am still sporting a tan tht I got when I went to Cape Cod last year). You have no idea how damaging the sun is. If you ever tanned (naturally or in a booth) when you were younger you are going to pay for it when you get older. The UV rays are gonna cause wrinkles, loss of collagen (wonder why old people's ears and nose look like they are sagging-its the loss of collagen) and the big C. So if you are experiencing any of this now, sorry to hear that sister (or brother as may be the case). SPF is your friend! Use it and use it wisely, cause Botox cost like $500 a treatment :)

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