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Thursday, November 04, 2004 

My monthly horoscope for all you snoops.

Your intuitive powers are on from the 2nd through the 4th. And they're saying that you're right where you want to be to get just what you want! And what, you little minx, is it that you want? A better question would be -- who do you want? Whoever it is you, you're going to get them, if your old high-intensity come-hither gaze (which is working overtime and looking gooooood the 13th and 14th) has anything to do with it. You just look at them and they'll fall into your arms. (Probably.) Just remember, if you ask them to move in with you (isn't it a little soon?) the 19th, you can't get mad if they redecorate. No take-backs! Well, there are always take-backs, but once you mesmerize, it's not nice to go back on it just because they change the curtains. And the bedspread. And put 'original' art all over the living room. Hey, true love -- nobody said it was easy.


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